Imagine your body being tied up, no , not to discover your fifty shades, but with these ropes and chains. Face up, stomach flat, stuck to the ground, unable to get free from this weight. All we can think of is how to get out of this mess and dissociate with everything bringing us down . After all physical pain takes over and becomes the highest level of functioning eating all our attention. Nothing else matters.

Now imagine a situation where we are stuck like this but have absolutely no idea how deep these ropes and chains are digging through our skin. Spiraling further with these marks getting uglier, seeping through bone and muscle the hold is getting tighter. Unable to feel the discomfort , keep getting tangled in this spineless salmagundi . Not talking about pleasure through pain , numbness my drug, arbitrary phase . Why aren’t we reacting to this obvious agony ?

Silent torture.

Invisible ropes and chains with no obvious inflicting piercing physical pain.

From a very young age we put on weight , depositing shreds in our mind and body. Everything we come across we start identifying, making it a part of us. We just keep adding and adding and adding. Only some dramatic occasions after being wronged do we subtract a little here and there. Then again to fill the void adding and adding and adding.

Why ?

Its fun , adding is fun, adding makes us US, it builds our identity , believing into a being a sum of accumulated identities. Giving us a sense of self , with all these additions we are not alone.

Just stop being a glue stick attracting everything that comes your away and taking it along to your grave. There is no additional intellect in identifying with a certain kind. There is no smartness in restricting to a particular type.

We only think about something how we have identified with it. We all also know how strong the chances are of changing the way we think.

There is nothing untrustworthy in not sticking on. Let the glue stick dry up, and dust fall off, nothing sensational in rolling along with these particles stuck to you till your very last day.

Changing colours, adaption is a good way to be, it’s only a problem for others as they are scared of unpredictability.

Stop believing whom you were, what you are, who you might be.

Let go, drop your identity, declutter, set yourself free. BE whoever you want to be , BE whatever you want to be!! As long as you want, go as deep as you like.

There is ecstasy in nothingness and magic in fluidity, experience this life in all capacity beyond this stagnant limited identity




What happened after giving away stuff ?


Everything changes , just everything. There is quite a lot to process within and around you. A lot of what you called yours is gone.

Minimalism is you, it has always been there, it remains.Giving away stuff  totally depends on you.

The first noticeable development after I decluttered was this massive physical space. Its like I landed a nice playground in my bedroom where I can run around and play with my cat. More room to exercise, meditate, take a walk haha. With this increased room in my life, physiologically I felt more free and flexible.

Feeling energetic about the physical space and this lovely body that is carrying me, my mind cleared up as well. I overcame procrastination habits, started focusing and paying a deeper level of attention to everything that surrounds me.. I have more time to slow down, breathe, think. I don’t long for any external influences to make myself happy.

These heightened levels of energy and sensitivity are a constant state of being now. This expanded awareness of the world around me helps me understand and engage more intentionally.

Peace and joy come from me and not mine. What is mine is only temporary, me has been and will always be.

I am regularly investing in taking care of my body and surroundings. To keep my mood chirpy and environment pretty, I just depend on me. Food and shopping are no more a routine. I have stopped eating out.

Everything I put in and around my body is for nourishment, not entertainment.

Before buying anything I very thoroughly examine why do I need it? I have analyzed my consumption patterns of the past and discarded all futile practices. Perishable or non perishable, this stuff I own or I buy in the future, will be mine but never me. Nothing that I can’t walk away from 30 seconds flat!

People around me
Whatever I do , it does have an impact on this planet and more closely on people who surround me on a daily basis. Having better mental capacity, I believe I have a much deeper understanding of the person I actually am.

I have let go, leaving others to their otherness.

I have dropped all conclusions about everyone I know and everything I know about them. Everyday is a new day and so much to learn. Breaking habits, cutting off the past and enjoying the moment. Contributing and loving, always remembering, you don’t owe anybody an explanation!

Massive digital detox. I intentionally use the internet. My phone hasn’t been substituted as my life partner. I consciously kill the noise, with intentional absorption and release of dialogue.

I travel very very light , carrying absolute essentials. Thought of repeating clothes and washing them doesn’t make me cringe hahahaa. I travel mostly without a plan. I trust myself, my gut instinct very deeply. With less luggage, I move faster and think smarter. Nothing to hold me back anywhere. If you’re having second thoughts, drop the second bag and the plus one . RIDE SOLO! Also, budget travel is my aphrodisiac here: D

I feel free! Freedom from stuff that could possibly weigh me down, experiences and relationships that pulled me back. With this increased amount of time and energy I am free to do whatever I wish to.

It does get lonely sometimes with no tv, friends out partying, you having to eat healthy food because of gym the next day, not in the mood for Netflix or reading, don’t have anything to talk about. Couple of minutes pass by and then I cheer up, think of my journey and write down my life experience like this. I start smiling by the end of this and just feel so happy that I am finally doing this.

I feel blessed to have reached this stage, creating and not only consuming. I am so so thankful that I can add value through my experiences and writing in someone’s life.

Also wonderful people, if anyone ever wants to share their story or discuss anything at all, please please feel absolutely free to reach out 😀

How i started DECLUTTERING my stuff.

IMG_2887 (1)

Since a young age I was comfortable with the idea of cleaning, organizing and keeping it neat! I would get restless if I had something in my room, which I didn’t regularly use. It ranged from toys to books to stationery to wardrobe.Clothes were always arranged in such a way, that all of them were worn! I never flinched at the idea of giving away stuff

After high school , during university , shopping was fun. We didn’t have to wear uniform anymore. I loved buying clothes and perfumes . There was a sense of euphoria in owning this stuff , though I did keep a track and did not have any problems in giving away old stuff.

Very vaguely I remember reading an article by the minimalists at that time . My first article and my first impression was , how clean, how white in color everything seems, haha . I really liked the concept but didn’t know if I wanted to implement it or not.

Once work started, excitement went to another level. With this advanced level of euphoria , shopping also graduated with this new salary. Again, in the whole process, I had no desire to accumulate stuff and was open to giving it away.

Sudden Action
I quit my job after working for two years. I have been staying home with family and doing everything that makes me happy ( Writing, Travelling, Course in Photoshop, State level Swimming) . One day I JUST decided out of the blue , to DE clutter more ruthlessly than I generally do. That was the absolute start.

I realised everything that i call mine will never be me. These clothes, books, linen, stationery will never be me.There is way too much of mine. It was time to get rid of it. SHIFT ATTENTION FROM MINE TO ME. Focusing on me, focusing on bare essentials.

Minimalism is you , Minimalism is me. Mine and yours is stuff and experiences gathered through which we are living life.

I started reducing my physical possessions. Questioning everything I owned and everything new I planned to purchase. I started following The Minimalists, Colin Wright, Leo Babuata, Joshua Becker, Thriving Minimalist , Rob Greenfield. These people gave me the courage to go ahead and start reducing.

Best Outcome
The turning point was this massive amount of space. I made room for everything that adds value to my life. That is how my cat came into my life. I could accommodate his litter tray, toys and a huge amount of space for him to play.

Once this exchange happened, I just knew this is the way I want to live. With more physical space, came more mental space. It’s like everything fell into place.

I am consciously aware of the items I own. Questioning where I spend my time, energy, money is a very natural process. My room is a clutter free zone in the house. My next move is to digitize these books I have.

In the past I enjoyed DE cluttering and buying at the same time. Now I make willful efforts to examine what do I really want and need. Before buying anything I make these lists, wait and revise.

When I feel that YES the time is right, I answer these 3 questions.…

1.How sustainable is this ?
2. Will it increase my productivity ?
3. One last time, do I really really need this ?

Even if you don’t want to ask these 3 questions and you’re still wondering………………….
you will survive! Let go. Be fierce.

We all know that our essentials don’t make us doubt and question,
only these other things , this other stuff, the just in case create confusion!


A perceived idea of Minimalism.

IMG_2894 (1)

Hi errybody ! I have been consciously focusing on what I believed constituted minimalism for 1.5 years.

Let’s share what we know of Minimalism
It’s living with less , living a simpler life. Having experiences that add value . Minimalism is not deprivation or living frugally. It is the exact opposite , which is living in abundance. Abundance of time , abundance of energy, abundance of space ( mental and physical ). Getting rid of excess, making way for essentials, which brings joy to our lives, intentional living, and meaningful relationships are a part of minimalism.

There is no yardstick to measure a person’s degree of minimalism. There is no maximum or minimum limit to how much of minimalism you incorporate in your life. The number of items you own does not define the level of minimalist you are. Everyone’s practice of minimalism is different, but core values are the same.

All around us
Art, food, travel, design, architecture etc aren’t shying away from this minimal approach either!

Its time
People all over the world are embracing minimalism. Different cultures are adapting their own version of intentionally living with less. It’s time to come together, to understand these different motivations. It’s time to globally create more and consume less!

This is all a perceived idea of minimalism. All of this is an explanation of what is yours but not you. All of this defines the life you are living through what you have gathered. All of this that surrounds you is yours, but not you.

This reductionist approach to our lifestyle definitely has made what is ours very very exclusive. It has greatly helped us to narrow down and re- prioritize. We as natural minimalists must remember minimalism is not a superpower or a mixture of some tough decisions we have to thrust on ourselves.

Minimalism already is you, the very basic and core of YOU.

What is this Minimalism ?

IMG_7497 (1)

YOU. Yes, minimalism is you. What is it , if not you ?

Every moment of your life, minimalism is you. Every moment is made up of you, the very bare essentials and then yours, but first you.

You came into this world with just YOU and that’s how you will go.

What you assemble, all the stuff you put in your head and bodies , all the stuff that surrounds your physical being is yours but not you.

Driving a car or that phone in our hands.All this information we gather and all the stuff we purchase, is all ours but not us. Giving away what is ours , may change the way we live life. It does not change us, it never will be us.

We live life through what we have gathered.

Drop everything that is not you, what are you left with?

We are all born minimalist and we remain minimalist our entire lives. Its just that our attention gets diverted to everything that is ours but not us.

Everything that is ours is just an ACCUMULATION, its not us.

You are a worthwhile life and you deserve attention. Shift attention from yours to you. Shift focus from this perceived idea of minimalism.

What is yours is not you, no matter how much of yours > you. You is Minimalism, always have been and will be.

There is nothing to lose in this MINIMALISM. All that you’re gaining is you, more and more of you, by focussing less on yours.