The ONE reason we can’t quit Smoking!

Quit-Smoking-wallpaper-21 (1)

We make a big freaking deal out of it !

We attach too much meaning to it . We over dramatize it. We stretch it longer than it should be .

MOST importantly we look for a reason to quit. Why do we need a reason ?

The secret is not to tell anybody. Lets chuck this cardinal need of humans to overshare and keep this to our own sweet selves.

Don’t ever talk about it .Just stop smoking like you don’t give a fuck about not smoking , like it makes no difference to you.

What’s there to lose ?
Everything. Yes. We lose A LOT. It’s bound to happen, but only when we share and talk about it . If you’re not going to talk about it , no one around you will assume that you plan to, avoiding incessant conversation.

What happens when PEOPLE notice ?
Let’s rethink about people’s attention span in 2017. No one will remember. No one cares if your holding a cigarette or a straw, unless you announce it.

BUT, someone will ask sometime or the other ?
You don’t need to explain. You can just say you don’t feel like it. Trivialise it, smoker or non smoker, you don’t owe an explanation to anyone. You won’t even realise that you actually felt like smoking, because it was so trivial you forgot about it .

Dealing with withdrawal symptoms
Well deal with it. Man up! ( 48 hours , that’s it ) Treat yourself to everything yum. Go eat, the oral fixation will gradually fade away. Otherwise make a secret twitter account and let it all out 😀

Dealing with the emotional and hormonal imbalances.
Ooooh yes , that will suck your life , energy and emotions out , but go for it , enjoy the madness, enjoy the toxins leaving your body and mind. You’ve put them in there. Time to say goodbye royally to the messed up emotions and the black tar, let it happen naturally. Don’t pay so much attention, be indifferent and it will be all cool.

What happens when you quit?
You become an awesome bathroom singer, as your voice comes back. So GO for it, fear not . You don’t need to have symptoms of dissociative identity disorder to pretend like you’ve never smoked.

In all fairness , YOU are a rockstar and YOU can do it .  Already proud of you for wanting to read this article. Much love !