Digital Detox

unplugIt has been a while since DDX took place. A couple of weeks to be precise. Initially I imagined I would be the queen of intersection between technology and self in 7 days flat. Surprise, Surprise , planning fallacy to the rescue!

My Plan
Deleting whatsap and other apps gradually which were not adding any real value to my life. Using my phone for 2 hours in a day inclusive of calls/ texts/taking selfies/miscellaneous. Keeping my phone at one place at home and just accessing it from that spot. Using the internet for a limited amount of time in a day and being mindful of the sites I am browsing.

What Actually Happened
To start with all these ideas are completely awe inspired by the minimalists .

All of the above , mindful app usage, phone usage and internet usage has taken place. Gradually I have achieved full clarity as to why I am using my phone and the internet. There is no more mindless exchange of information and dialogue. I know exactly why I want to talk to a certain person when I dial their number. Most importantly there is no unnecessary exchange of texts. I have a purpose when I go online now . The laptop is shut down everyday and put back in its bag like any other gadget should be cared for. Entertainment does not overpower intention anymore !

What I am reminded of AGAIN
Conversations should be intentional, meaningful and succinct. Hearing someone’s voice definitely makes me smile wider than looking at emoticons (still don’t know what half of them mean). The phone and the internet are very very powerful tools. They must be used with intention, precaution and off course, love .

We all have our own circumstances .We all have our romantic and apathetic phases in our relationship with technology. In finding balance on this spectrum of emotional dichotomy lets click the right buttons!


How loud do you wish to be?


Noise and silence are opposite ends of a spectrum. Life experiences help us strive to maintain a balance between the amount of noise and silence coming in our life.

But then, life happens and noise wins or we let it. Silence has been reduced to a rare exotic form , of just being.

Being in silence, being at peace , being with one self is considered the highest state of being which is a shame . Time to renovate Maslow’s hierarchy. Being at peace should be our most basic state from where we operate.

What exactly is this noise and where does it come from?
It’s hard to ignore as it’s all around us! Noise is within us, yes we are NOISE. Most of what we take in and what we give out, what is it , if not noise?

Before we say haaawww, one question to ponder upon : Is it necessary ?
All the information we soak in and everything that comes out ! Is it necessary ? We can really really choose and channelise, where we pick up, what from. This unnatural FOMO ( fear of missing out ) is just unnatural. Let our doppelganger save the world tonight! Its okay to not care. Its okay to not know. What matters is , how much do you know yourself ? What matters is , how proportionate is what we speak to the 2:1 ratio ? Two beautiful eyes , two sweet ears and one tiny mouth. How audible are you on this spectrum of shutup to loud ?

Next time before mindless absorption and release of dialogue

Let’s keep in mind

1. It it adding any value to us and others ?

2. What is the purpose of what i hear and what i speak ?

3. Is my intention, to understand others or to explain myself ?

Sometimes , to kill the noise , i personally like to listen to birds chirping. Makes me smile, these birds on this huge tree , not twitter 😛