Well I had some solid answers when I started off.

I had made these mental categories and this content basket of what and when I would post. Different topics that seemed important and would add value to peoples lives. These experiments on which topics I want to continuously and occasionally write about.

Truth is none of it matters. What was relevant yesterday might be trivial today. My focus is on writing what feels right and communicating with clarity.

Situations, events, incidents drove me to write about incidental occurrences. Sure I did, but kept it to myself. A couple of months later re approaching the same writings without the initial high helped me bring out a more balanced and sustainable perspective. It’s interesting to record and journal situational feelings, till the time it does not interfere with current vibe of awesome around you too.

Identifying myself as a certain kind of a blogger will never happen. I believe it’s important to let go and break off all conclusions; continuously DE cluttering this so called identity one builds.

What I believe my blog conveys may be different from what my readers grasp. I wouldn’t even want to think on my own that each article has a tinge of similarity or dissimilarity. It’s all up to YOU.

It does not matter what I’ve studied or where I’ve lived in my past, it’s about how do my writings make you feel RIGHT NOW.

I sincerely hope my writing can bring some meaning and value to your life.


My name is Trisha Singh. I currently live in India with my family.

Find me on Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/14000thoughts/