Just do it. . . NOW!


Thanks Nike for the motivation, but people don’t get it eh ?

Why is it so bloody difficult, to not be in the now? Why do we constantly think about our past and our future? What is so so wrong, with where we are now? Why are we so distracted? Why is being in the moment not enough? Why does it seem less? Why does it not feel right?

We enjoy thinking about our lovely past and our fantastic future!

Only if we realize what is right now, will also become a part of this lovely past one day. If we will find it lovely a couple of months later, why can’t we believe it to be lovely right now?


Addiction to memory, addiction to nostalgia, addiction to the fact that it’s always going to be there with us. What becomes a memory has permanent nature. What we are experiencing right now does not have that. Human beings are wired to fantasize and cling on to permanency, anything short lived is labeled outlandish.

Anything just left alone without being over analyzed, critically evaluated and detached from memory is seen as foreign. We still cannot make peace with it

People are advised to be in the moment, people are forced to let go of the past, I have to pinch myself at times to appreciate my surroundings and wake up from the shackles of my slumber! Being on the same frequency with where we stand right now is not a superpower, it is the most natural state of being and we have forgotten that. There are way too many cues pulling us to our past and drawing us to the future.

Everything and everyone reminding you of your past and treating you as you were in the past has no better way of navigating life and understanding you. It is sad but true how past experiences drive current and future dealings. Our past is not solid proof of the person we WERE.

Kill your darlings, burn them, be the phoenix that rises out of these ashes, fresh, powerful and blank!

The current moment has it’s own madness. You can only identify that when you will chuck memory and live out of awareness

There is no perfect day, everyday is just a colourful variant of the imagined perfect day. This moment right now is perfect , which is enough and absolutely okay!

There is no special occasion, that special occasion is now. Wear that dress today, workout right now, get that haircut now, and stop building momentum.

Momentum of this moment right now, is 100 times more powerful than planned momentum a week or month later.

Hell yeah, feel it?!





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