What is this word. . TRAVEL ?

IMG_9909 (1)Really, what does this word travel mean? Is it a thing, an experience, an end result, a positive reinforcement, a lifestyle, a job, a holiday? We will never know, let’s leave it open ended.

For me its plain simple movement, I travel everyday, from my house to the gym, from my house to the basket ball court, from my house to this coffee shop etc.

Again, why am I calling it travel and not commute ? Well, this is a journey I enjoy no matter the distance and time consumed every single day, no matter if I have a ticket or not these are my daily travels.

Now to be honest I’ve been travelling since the day I was born, actually everyone has. Commutes which require tickets and passports and living outside your hometown do not define travel.

Let’s shift this notion of travel as a luxury, travel as an escape to something we do everyday. Travel is a basic state of being. We are allowed to enjoy our daily commutes, its okay to be in a good mood on the way to office, it’s perfectly natural to be equally creative even while travelling to get groceries. Why not? Why do we have to associate travel as extraordinary?

Travel is not about a place or a destination, just your state of mind. You don’t want to be sitting in Buckingham palace and thinking how messy your room is!

It’s about the vibe we share with the universe. What makes it special is when we know every step we are taking is the right step ahead. Walking to the bakery or taking a flight to Hong Kong, if it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it.

Let’s remember we are travelling all the time, even in our own city. I know these weekend getaways are exciting, but looking left and right at red lights while sat at a red light can also be fantastic. You don’t have to schedule happiness for a vacation, smiling on your daily travels will not reduce your charm.

Travel is not a separate entity. You’re never not travelling. Don’t treat it as oregano; it’s a piece of the pizza you’re eating! You’re travelling all the time, whether you see it or not, even if not outside, there is this never-ending homeostasis, always taking place inside, within you.




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