Everyone does travel solo, yeah you too!

IMG_9919 (1)

Travelling solo is not reserved for a special kind. You don’t need muscles of steel and strength of a canine. It isn’t about willpower or semi planned rebellion. You don’t have to prove anything to yourself or any other human.

Solo travel has been romanticised and fantasised a little too much. Truth is we solo travel every single day, why is it, no one talks about that? All the time we spend alone commuting from one place to another alone, what is it, if not solo travel?

Solo travel is a natural state of being, yes exploring new territories geographically and cognitively might seem like an anomaly. We do it in our daily lives as well, just with reduced awareness and attentiveness, due to our habitual patterns accustomed to a certain repetitive stimuli, ignoring subtle changes.

Set yourself free from placing solo travel as anything fancy. Don’t stop yourself, from leaving home and travelling outside. If we don’t think twice, before going on with daily life, why this anxiety ? Uncertainty.

We have made travel everything but ordinary.

I understand there are certain concerns about safety, finances, accommodation and transport in a new place. One day at a time, navigating through the unknown, you will survive. Open yourself up, how small and big the world is, you will realize.

I have travelled solo, far away geographically, from home. I found it very exciting, emotional, growth inducing, this sudden unexplained wisdom coming out of my mouth and off course unusual calmness.

6 months later I would say that I am having these amazing experiences sitting at a coffee shop outside my house where I am writing this article. I am equally thrilled. I will be forever grateful for those 40 days to bring me here, but life is beautiful every single day.

6 months ago if you had asked me, I would’ve spoken as if I just got back from Disneyland, away from real life, routine life, on some high.

Set yourself free from setting solo travel away from home as a parameter of personal growth. Bloom wherever you are planted, this extraordinary life , don’t take it for granted.



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