Above and Beyond


What do we think about majority of our time?

What occupies 210% of our mind space?

What is it that we can’t get enough of?


What else?

One is involved in everything one does . Each and every thought , each and every action, everything around you is your magnified extension. How does one not think about oneself, whether in isolation or conjunction? After all, God’s favorite creation!

How hard is it, to ignore this massive throbbing piece of life? Existing, creating impressions, right here and worldwide. Wow, grossly talented but insanely forgetful, you’re not alone, in making this place beautiful. Life is all around us, in everything beyond us. We alone are not life.

The question is not, if you want to you don’t want to? The concern is, do you have the courage to ? Look up and accept life? Or just keep floating, fantasising how shallow it is to dive. Going beyond oneself, this energy for something else, are you willing to manifest?

Can you commit yourself to something larger than you?

Create something bigger than you?

So what will it take, to interest you in experiences way beyond you?












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