Don’t be scared to go on THAT Road Trip!

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Have a driver’s license ? Yes! Great. Ever thought of doing that one trip that will give you goosebumps, that will still make you question what pleasure are you getting out of this mad travel experience? Even years after, the trip is over! Well this is it ,Drive down!

Scary and spine chilling , waiting to be explored ,what better way to go in your own sweet ride on this spectacularly rocky beautiful road ?!

5 crazy reasons to do this

1. Take your own time
Whichever route you plan to drive through, you can take your own sweet time. There are no compulsions of reaching in this allotted time plan. Detours and random stops are more fun when last minute. No rules ,just drive, stop if you get the vibe.

2. The view
The kind of beauty that makes you just forget everything, even the names of all those Instagram filters. Give it a chance , soak in its energy ,lets be grateful and thank the almighty. Take as much time as you want , cry if you wish , but there exists such a place , raw and enigmatic, welcoming you with all her grace. Give it your undivided attention , let the nostalgia creep in , how can something be so possibly breathtaking ? Such a wonder , his creation .

3. You can always go back
Getting anxious , don’t feel good , having doubts , you can go back. No one is going to judge you. Just take a U Turn and enjoy the experience until now . Don’t feel it , don’t do it. In your own vehicle you ALWAYS have that option.

4. Questionable moments
There will be these moments you will want to slap yourself in the face. Why have I put myself in this place ? Why am I flirting with danger ? Every bump , every turn, every cut , is this safe or am I going to get hurt ? Doubt turning into fear and fear turning into awe, you rub your forehead and smile, never have you been so sure!

5. You own this
YES , this is totally yours, your one and only. Instances of courage, times of vulnerability, trusting the wheels and this road. Put yourself out there, the universe is there to guide you. What better way to get to know yourself deeper, this journey was meant to be , coming back with intangible experience and growth.

JUST go for it , this adventure of a lifetime , stop living it , vicariously in your mind . Go hit the road, its waiting for you , one thing’s for sure , your driving skills will improve. Navigate the road like you navigate life , its going to be one hell of a ride!

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Imagine your body being tied up, no , not to discover your fifty shades, but with these ropes and chains. Face up, stomach flat, stuck to the ground, unable to get free from this weight. All we can think of is how to get out of this mess and dissociate with everything bringing us down . After all physical pain takes over and becomes the highest level of functioning eating all our attention. Nothing else matters.

Now imagine a situation where we are stuck like this but have absolutely no idea how deep these ropes and chains are digging through our skin. Spiraling further with these marks getting uglier, seeping through bone and muscle the hold is getting tighter. Unable to feel the discomfort , keep getting tangled in this spineless salmagundi . Not talking about pleasure through pain , numbness my drug, arbitrary phase . Why aren’t we reacting to this obvious agony ?

Silent torture.

Invisible ropes and chains with no obvious inflicting piercing physical pain.

From a very young age we put on weight , depositing shreds in our mind and body. Everything we come across we start identifying, making it a part of us. We just keep adding and adding and adding. Only some dramatic occasions after being wronged do we subtract a little here and there. Then again to fill the void adding and adding and adding.

Why ?

Its fun , adding is fun, adding makes us US, it builds our identity , believing into a being a sum of accumulated identities. Giving us a sense of self , with all these additions we are not alone.

Just stop being a glue stick attracting everything that comes your away and taking it along to your grave. There is no additional intellect in identifying with a certain kind. There is no smartness in restricting to a particular type.

We only think about something how we have identified with it. We all also know how strong the chances are of changing the way we think.

There is nothing untrustworthy in not sticking on. Let the glue stick dry up, and dust fall off, nothing sensational in rolling along with these particles stuck to you till your very last day.

Changing colours, adaption is a good way to be, it’s only a problem for others as they are scared of unpredictability.

Stop believing whom you were, what you are, who you might be.

Let go, drop your identity, declutter, set yourself free. BE whoever you want to be , BE whatever you want to be!! As long as you want, go as deep as you like.

There is ecstasy in nothingness and magic in fluidity, experience this life in all capacity beyond this stagnant limited identity



Little Boxes

little boxes

Comfort is a precarious place to be. It can drive us to do ridiculous things…when hit with unpredictability. Once scared, our cognitive capabilities can be pushed towards exhaustion. Navigating through uncertainty definitely becomes a priority. Life hacks and quick fixes pitch in well here. Little boxes in our brains are ready to break down and store all unorganized information… Of course at the back of our head, those questions keep dancing. Do our rationalizations make sense? Are we being judgmental or fair? Have we considered all aspects? Are we going too fast? Just because, it doesn’t make sense to me now, can I justify it later?

We become experts at finding reasons for our thoughts and behaviors, Clever?
NO, that in no way implies that we do really understand why we act or think in a certain way.


What makes unpredictability so uncomfortable?

FEAR: Definition 1: an unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain, or harm. Definition 2: be afraid of (someone or something) as likely to be dangerous, painful, or harmful. Definition 3: that female from the movie ORPHAN (made me pee my pants)

What is your biggest fear? That’s what everyone asks everyone. Mine is Definition 3 , Ha-ha ! Truth is, I don’t think I will ever meet that female and neither will you come across that spider ! Very rarely do people ask, what about the fears that consume us now? What about the realest fears we face, every single day in our lives?

Survival…. always guarding and protecting ourselves. Who do we really need to guard ourselves from? Where do we source our threats and anxiety? People. YES. What? NO, not people, how? Well, million unknown faces, billion unpredictable emotions. How do we make sense of this world and all these people?

Danger of unknown is scary (So many people…. who can I trust?)
Unpredictability of the known is threatening (Yes, uncertainty from our closest is one of our BIGGEST fears)

Are we okay with unpredictable? Yes…eventually. Humans have an adaptive nature. Where do these survival games lead us? Little boxes filled with comfort.
Yes, tiny, little, petite, neat boxes, sat quietly in our head. All the information our brain takes in, is micromanaged in these little boxes. Thanks to our superior cognitive abilities, forming concepts and categories runs parallel with teething. Concepts give stability. Stability is an aphrodisiac. Boxes imperceptibly radiate aphrodisiac. The human gets comfortable. Categories are navigation’s quick fix. Concepts and categories help us make sense of the world, destroy unpredictability, and KILL fear. Convenient? Yes, Successful? Hell Yes, after all survival of the fittest.

What could possibly go wrong? Human behavior, not fitting into parameters? Little boxes , too weak to handle stereotypes ? CHAOS, back to square 1 ? Before the boxes self-destruct, let’s toss them out. Little boxes, little boxes, ticky tacky little boxes…

There is abundance in openness. There is freedom in de categorization. There is comfort in acceptance. Demographics, sun signs, ethnicity, stable personality traits, managerial styles, parental upbringing, strange habits etc can never fulfill what we seek to know. Eccentric and outlandish is the genesis of human behavior. Our reality is happening due to energy exchange in the NOW. What we were in the past is nowhere close to stable grounds, except burden.

In killing unpredictability, we are slaying our own efforts of self-preservation. After all we are also chilling somewhere in someone’s little box.








Above and Beyond


What do we think about majority of our time?

What occupies 210% of our mind space?

What is it that we can’t get enough of?


What else?

One is involved in everything one does . Each and every thought , each and every action, everything around you is your magnified extension. How does one not think about oneself, whether in isolation or conjunction? After all, God’s favorite creation!

How hard is it, to ignore this massive throbbing piece of life? Existing, creating impressions, right here and worldwide. Wow, grossly talented but insanely forgetful, you’re not alone, in making this place beautiful. Life is all around us, in everything beyond us. We alone are not life.

The question is not, if you want to you don’t want to? The concern is, do you have the courage to ? Look up and accept life? Or just keep floating, fantasising how shallow it is to dive. Going beyond oneself, this energy for something else, are you willing to manifest?

Can you commit yourself to something larger than you?

Create something bigger than you?

So what will it take, to interest you in experiences way beyond you?