Keep your SHINE on!


Life is good. Life is complete. We are life. We are complete. That’s the absolute nature of our creation.

Life is always full of that warm fuzzy feeling. The one that creates nostalgia and excitement at the same time. Don’t believe me?

Take a moment. Cup each hand on the side of your neck below each ear, close your eyes and look up. Open your mouth a little and smile. Mmmm ….. so good !

We all wish to feel like this 24 x 7 x 365 …… so good, so blissful!

What happens though?
Why does life stop feeling this way?
Where do these feelings of rapture disappear?
Why do feelings of unhappiness creep in?

The problem
We believe that euphoria, joy and peace is a state we NEED to reach. We consider these levels of awareness as the highest state of being. Truth is, this ridiculous hierarchy needs to demolished. Bliss and euphoria should be the most basic state from where we operate, and not some fancy esoteric bullshit.

No new car or nibbling LSD stamps, whatever it takes, is needed to get you THERE! We are quite capable of reaching these crazy happy states of ecstasy with our own internal mechanisms. SUCH is LIFE. We are life and we are complete.

We need to change our understanding, of what is and what not , what is thought and what is life. We pay way too much attention to our thoughts and emotions.

Thought vs Life
Attention has to be shifted from thoughts to life . Life is what is happening in the present moment. When we focus on life rather than thought we are truly aware and truly alive. Our thoughts and emotions are independent of us.

Free of thoughts – Give up your conclusions
Forget everything you know, about everyone you know. Each and every single day just forget anything and everything. Let go of thoughts, emotions and assumptions. We assume thoughts and emotions = intellect, which messes with our mental framework taking away that warm fuzzy feeling.

Stop telling yourself the things you can or cannot do. We have too many ideas about things we haven’t seen and experienced.

Stop thinking, Start living. Break all these radars and barriers.

This memory , these thoughts and emotions do guide us in terms of basic survival instincts. That’s what they do, only protecting us, inhibiting growth.

Our focus should be on life , and not thoughts to guide us. When we become life we are not alone, this life within us is in sync with life around us and the universe.

The universe guides us better than anything else. All we need to do is pay attention, a very heightened level of attention

Don’t dimmer your shimmer, these thoughts are not everything we know, experiencing life is how we will grow , what made us sad in the past is long gone and futile, look around, a trillion reasons to smile. Don’t like the view ? Well shut your eyes , take a deep breath and smile, damn , how good does it feel to be alive!

(This article is completely inspired by Sadhguru , this is a humble attempt to pass on his message )