What happened after giving away stuff ?


Everything changes , just everything. There is quite a lot to process within and around you. A lot of what you called yours is gone.

Minimalism is you, it has always been there, it remains.Giving away stuff  totally depends on you.

The first noticeable development after I decluttered was this massive physical space. Its like I landed a nice playground in my bedroom where I can run around and play with my cat. More room to exercise, meditate, take a walk haha. With this increased room in my life, physiologically I felt more free and flexible.

Feeling energetic about the physical space and this lovely body that is carrying me, my mind cleared up as well. I overcame procrastination habits, started focusing and paying a deeper level of attention to everything that surrounds me.. I have more time to slow down, breathe, think. I don’t long for any external influences to make myself happy.

These heightened levels of energy and sensitivity are a constant state of being now. This expanded awareness of the world around me helps me understand and engage more intentionally.

Peace and joy come from me and not mine. What is mine is only temporary, me has been and will always be.

I am regularly investing in taking care of my body and surroundings. To keep my mood chirpy and environment pretty, I just depend on me. Food and shopping are no more a routine. I have stopped eating out.

Everything I put in and around my body is for nourishment, not entertainment.

Before buying anything I very thoroughly examine why do I need it? I have analyzed my consumption patterns of the past and discarded all futile practices. Perishable or non perishable, this stuff I own or I buy in the future, will be mine but never me. Nothing that I can’t walk away from 30 seconds flat!

People around me
Whatever I do , it does have an impact on this planet and more closely on people who surround me on a daily basis. Having better mental capacity, I believe I have a much deeper understanding of the person I actually am.

I have let go, leaving others to their otherness.

I have dropped all conclusions about everyone I know and everything I know about them. Everyday is a new day and so much to learn. Breaking habits, cutting off the past and enjoying the moment. Contributing and loving, always remembering, you don’t owe anybody an explanation!

Massive digital detox. I intentionally use the internet. My phone hasn’t been substituted as my life partner. I consciously kill the noise, with intentional absorption and release of dialogue.

I travel very very light , carrying absolute essentials. Thought of repeating clothes and washing them doesn’t make me cringe hahahaa. I travel mostly without a plan. I trust myself, my gut instinct very deeply. With less luggage, I move faster and think smarter. Nothing to hold me back anywhere. If you’re having second thoughts, drop the second bag and the plus one . RIDE SOLO! Also, budget travel is my aphrodisiac here: D

I feel free! Freedom from stuff that could possibly weigh me down, experiences and relationships that pulled me back. With this increased amount of time and energy I am free to do whatever I wish to.

It does get lonely sometimes with no tv, friends out partying, you having to eat healthy food because of gym the next day, not in the mood for Netflix or reading, don’t have anything to talk about. Couple of minutes pass by and then I cheer up, think of my journey and write down my life experience like this. I start smiling by the end of this and just feel so happy that I am finally doing this.

I feel blessed to have reached this stage, creating and not only consuming. I am so so thankful that I can add value through my experiences and writing in someone’s life.

Also wonderful people, if anyone ever wants to share their story or discuss anything at all, please please feel absolutely free to reach out 😀


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