What is this Minimalism ?

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YOU. Yes, minimalism is you. What is it , if not you ?

Every moment of your life, minimalism is you. Every moment is made up of you, the very bare essentials and then yours, but first you.

You came into this world with just YOU and that’s how you will go.

What you assemble, all the stuff you put in your head and bodies , all the stuff that surrounds your physical being is yours but not you.

Driving a car or that phone in our hands.All this information we gather and all the stuff we purchase, is all ours but not us. Giving away what is ours , may change the way we live life. It does not change us, it never will be us.

We live life through what we have gathered.

Drop everything that is not you, what are you left with?

We are all born minimalist and we remain minimalist our entire lives. Its just that our attention gets diverted to everything that is ours but not us.

Everything that is ours is just an ACCUMULATION, its not us.

You are a worthwhile life and you deserve attention. Shift attention from yours to you. Shift focus from this perceived idea of minimalism.

What is yours is not you, no matter how much of yours > you. You is Minimalism, always have been and will be.

There is nothing to lose in this MINIMALISM. All that you’re gaining is you, more and more of you, by focussing less on yours.


2 thoughts on “What is this Minimalism ?

  1. I thought on very similar lines today… “I have to at some point say bye bye to this body, these feet…these hands, this skin…”

    So beautiful…Living intentionally While I am with the body 🙂


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