How i started DECLUTTERING my stuff.

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Since a young age I was comfortable with the idea of cleaning, organizing and keeping it neat! I would get restless if I had something in my room, which I didn’t regularly use. It ranged from toys to books to stationery to wardrobe.Clothes were always arranged in such a way, that all of them were worn! I never flinched at the idea of giving away stuff

After high school , during university , shopping was fun. We didn’t have to wear uniform anymore. I loved buying clothes and perfumes . There was a sense of euphoria in owning this stuff , though I did keep a track and did not have any problems in giving away old stuff.

Very vaguely I remember reading an article by the minimalists at that time . My first article and my first impression was , how clean, how white in color everything seems, haha . I really liked the concept but didn’t know if I wanted to implement it or not.

Once work started, excitement went to another level. With this advanced level of euphoria , shopping also graduated with this new salary. Again, in the whole process, I had no desire to accumulate stuff and was open to giving it away.

Sudden Action
I quit my job after working for two years. I have been staying home with family and doing everything that makes me happy ( Writing, Travelling, Course in Photoshop, State level Swimming) . One day I JUST decided out of the blue , to DE clutter more ruthlessly than I generally do. That was the absolute start.

I realised everything that i call mine will never be me. These clothes, books, linen, stationery will never be me.There is way too much of mine. It was time to get rid of it. SHIFT ATTENTION FROM MINE TO ME. Focusing on me, focusing on bare essentials.

Minimalism is you , Minimalism is me. Mine and yours is stuff and experiences gathered through which we are living life.

I started reducing my physical possessions. Questioning everything I owned and everything new I planned to purchase. I started following The Minimalists, Colin Wright, Leo Babuata, Joshua Becker, Thriving Minimalist , Rob Greenfield. These people gave me the courage to go ahead and start reducing.

Best Outcome
The turning point was this massive amount of space. I made room for everything that adds value to my life. That is how my cat came into my life. I could accommodate his litter tray, toys and a huge amount of space for him to play.

Once this exchange happened, I just knew this is the way I want to live. With more physical space, came more mental space. It’s like everything fell into place.

I am consciously aware of the items I own. Questioning where I spend my time, energy, money is a very natural process. My room is a clutter free zone in the house. My next move is to digitize these books I have.

In the past I enjoyed DE cluttering and buying at the same time. Now I make willful efforts to examine what do I really want and need. Before buying anything I make these lists, wait and revise.

When I feel that YES the time is right, I answer these 3 questions.…

1.How sustainable is this ?
2. Will it increase my productivity ?
3. One last time, do I really really need this ?

Even if you don’t want to ask these 3 questions and you’re still wondering………………….
you will survive! Let go. Be fierce.

We all know that our essentials don’t make us doubt and question,
only these other things , this other stuff, the just in case create confusion!



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