A perceived idea of Minimalism.

IMG_2894 (1)

Hi errybody ! I have been consciously focusing on what I believed constituted minimalism for 1.5 years.

Let’s share what we know of Minimalism
It’s living with less , living a simpler life. Having experiences that add value . Minimalism is not deprivation or living frugally. It is the exact opposite , which is living in abundance. Abundance of time , abundance of energy, abundance of space ( mental and physical ). Getting rid of excess, making way for essentials, which brings joy to our lives, intentional living, and meaningful relationships are a part of minimalism.

There is no yardstick to measure a person’s degree of minimalism. There is no maximum or minimum limit to how much of minimalism you incorporate in your life. The number of items you own does not define the level of minimalist you are. Everyone’s practice of minimalism is different, but core values are the same.

All around us
Art, food, travel, design, architecture etc aren’t shying away from this minimal approach either!

Its time
People all over the world are embracing minimalism. Different cultures are adapting their own version of intentionally living with less. It’s time to come together, to understand these different motivations. It’s time to globally create more and consume less!

This is all a perceived idea of minimalism. All of this is an explanation of what is yours but not you. All of this defines the life you are living through what you have gathered. All of this that surrounds you is yours, but not you.

This reductionist approach to our lifestyle definitely has made what is ours very very exclusive. It has greatly helped us to narrow down and re- prioritize. We as natural minimalists must remember minimalism is not a superpower or a mixture of some tough decisions we have to thrust on ourselves.

Minimalism already is you, the very basic and core of YOU.


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