How loud do you wish to be?


Noise and silence are opposite ends of a spectrum. Life experiences help us strive to maintain a balance between the amount of noise and silence coming in our life.

But then, life happens and noise wins or we let it. Silence has been reduced to a rare exotic form , of just being.

Being in silence, being at peace , being with one self is considered the highest state of being which is a shame . Time to renovate Maslow’s hierarchy. Being at peace should be our most basic state from where we operate.

What exactly is this noise and where does it come from?
It’s hard to ignore as it’s all around us! Noise is within us, yes we are NOISE. Most of what we take in and what we give out, what is it , if not noise?

Before we say haaawww, one question to ponder upon : Is it necessary ?
All the information we soak in and everything that comes out ! Is it necessary ? We can really really choose and channelise, where we pick up, what from. This unnatural FOMO ( fear of missing out ) is just unnatural. Let our doppelganger save the world tonight! Its okay to not care. Its okay to not know. What matters is , how much do you know yourself ? What matters is , how proportionate is what we speak to the 2:1 ratio ? Two beautiful eyes , two sweet ears and one tiny mouth. How audible are you on this spectrum of shutup to loud ?

Next time before mindless absorption and release of dialogue

Let’s keep in mind

1. It it adding any value to us and others ?

2. What is the purpose of what i hear and what i speak ?

3. Is my intention, to understand others or to explain myself ?

Sometimes , to kill the noise , i personally like to listen to birds chirping. Makes me smile, these birds on this huge tree , not twitter 😛


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