The greatest LOVE Affair!

IMG_2736Love can be found anywhere. Music, art , people , nature , food, poetry. Everything conceived with love, creates an intoxicating cycle of love. Feeding the lovesick , nurturing the soul , calming the mind and warming the heart. Pure feeling of ecstasy emitting heavy doses of oxytocin. We all want it, keep going back to it. Continuously searching for that song , that painting, that person, that flower , that dish, those words. Addiction is sweet and love ? the genesis of addiction.

What makes us go back ? Is it just the hormones ? Is it just the feeling ? Well, TRUST. Yes. Trusting and chasing that high. Trusting that source of delirium to give us what we want. Off course we all know what happens , when contact is broken with the source.

So what is the greatest love affair?

Have you ever experienced, how is it to spend time with yourself? Mind, body , soul committed to oneself. Completely shutting off all external experience. How does it feel? Lovely or lonely?

Completely dissolving in oneself is trust. Following your gut is trust. Trusting yourself amongst others is courage. Trusting yourself in isolation is love. Are you are in love with yourself?

When does a person write about love ? Well, this is my greatest love affair.


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