Why do people explain themselves? Whose need is it? The one explaining, or the one listening?

You don’t owe an explanation to anyone. You don’t owe anyone a ‘YES’. You don’t owe anyone anything that does not add value to your life. Absolutely not!

We would all love that, the way we see the world , is how others see the world. We continuously desire, our style of travel , selection of a partner, size of our wardrobe, our choice of food, hygiene practices, placement of furniture is resonating with another. These normal daily decisions should be, for us and us only.
At times the desire grows beyond what it should be. Striving to take control or manage, is an illusory state of being. Explanations do not equate control. You can’t control what others think.

Many a times we do things , even strange to us : Random adoption of beliefs , unique new social circle, different level of engagement with family, an abrupt disconnect from an important part of our life , complete isolation, absurd career moves , dangerous hobbies. These acts are normal of human nature.

Attributing and justifying them to self – preservation, impulsiveness, convenience or unconsciously going through life should be nobody’s business.

No matter how ordinary or extreme, you don’t owe…..

The one’s who get you , don’t need verbal or textual manuscripts from you. Neither do you feel the need. You are enough in yourself. Really, we alone are enough in ourselves, with nothing to prove to anybody! – Maya Angelou. We owe ourselves to not cross thin lines, between respecting accountability and respecting ourselves.